Your Favorite Map?

So, with all of the constant discussion and debate within the Zombies community, one question always seems to resurface, no matter what…

What Is Your Favorite Map?

Don’t just tell me a name. Give me a detailed description as to why. Persuade me into changing MY favorite map!


I’ll start

Origins is my Favourite Map

I personally hated origins, It was so hard, so annoying and just downright weird compared to others when I first played it in 2013, I tried to do the easter egg, high rounds etc, I didn’t know a spec about speedruns, what they even were, what a highround record, or records in general were. I played many many times, and off the top of my memory finished it by being carried back then, I had no idea how to upgrade staffs, or even get a staff.

Fastforward to BO3, I did and completed all the easter eggs, and by the time origins came around within ZC (Zombies Chronicles) Enjoyed it, the staffs remind you of DE bows, in a sense if you get me. It has lots of aids moments, I eventually got into speedrunning it and other maps within ZWC 1 where the challenge was a 2p classics Speedrun, My teammate bailed on me after 3-4 weeks of constantly running it, he went off to fortnite and I continued playing BO3 and helping people with EE’s and just playing.
I then stopped speedrunning and totally forgot (LMAO)

Then in 2019 May or so, me and a group of friends starting speedrunnning, doing races and marathons, I had learned about ZWR and Started to go for the Origins Speedrun, we were kinda bad but we put many many hours in trying to do it, we still don’t have a good time, PB sitting at 43:14 lol which is a terrible time but hopefully will be pb’d at some point. Long story short I learned to love it thought the countless restarts and us wanting to get a good time on the map, I will agree with all of those who call it bad / aids / annyoing, but nonetheless learned to overcome that and enjoy it, it’s now my favourite map and will play it over and over again over any map created, weirdly. Idk, there’s my story of Origins spamming from 2013 to now. (I know it’s not a really a indepth reason on the map itself but moreso my story on how I came from hating to loving the map haha.

Kinda Sad now I think about it lol, but there we are.

Be sure to share yours below :arrow_down:


So, I guess that I didn’t give any insight as to what MY favorite map is…

Please, bare with me as I explain why “Five” is my favorite map.

Let’s start in 2010. I had finally gotten Call of Duty: Black Ops. I was ecstatic, and couldn’t even wait to take the plastic wrapping off of the Xbox 360 game case. I tore that shit up in the backseat of my Mom’s car, and stared at the disc until I finally got home from what seemed to be the LONGEST car ride in the history of car rides.When I tell you that I fell trying to scramble inside, I mean it. I ate dirt. When I got sat down, and the disc put into my Xbox, I was shaking with excitement. I stayed up the ENTIRE night grinding what seemed like the coolest Campaign of any game. (I still stand by this being the best CoD Campaign). After beating the mission “Redemption”, I thought all was over. I beat it. I beat the campaign. Then to my surprise, I look up and see that I am in the conference room of the Pentagon. I can’t even describe how terrified my little ass was. Zombies were breaking down windows, and I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I frantically grabbed the M14 and tried my best to fight off the endless, and formidable beasts. Instead of shaking with excitement, as I was just a few hours earlier, I was now shaking with pure fear. This was my first encounter with Call of Duty: Zombies. I know that I wrote that I fought off the formidable hordes of the undead, but when I say that, I really mean that I died on Round 3. I absolutely refused to touch zombies after that. In fact, it took about 6 months of constant self-motivation every time I launched the game. One morning, I finally felt brave enough to face my past trauma. I loaded up “Five”. I gave it my all… For about 15 minutes. I realized something VERY quickly: “This shit is hard”. Round 7 was my PB, and I thought that the main conference room was all there was to the map. That’s all I ever saw. I soon gave up and joined a public game of Kino. It was a lot more friendly, and so much more forgiving. I liked Kino a lot more than Five at the time. I could get to Round 10 on Kino. That was cool. Let’s pass a few years, (by a few years, I mean 10), and get to 2020. I had played the rest of the Bo1 maps, I pre-ordered Bo2, and played all of those maps. But in that 10 year span, there was one map that I refused to ever revisit… You guessed it: “Five”. I decided one day, a few months back, that I would give it a good try. I had a few years of Zombies under my belt. My PBs being Round 138 on Kino, (Don’t laugh, it was 2014 and the Stage strat still went HARD), Round 150 on Buried, and Round 112 on Mob. Not too impressive of a resume, but I figured that I could handle it. As soon as I launched Five, I fell in love. The nostalgia pulled my back in, and refused that I asked any questions. I love how unfair Five feels. No open places to train, no extremely viable Wonder Weapon, a Mid-Round Boss that steals your weapons, but rewards you with one of the COOLEST Power-Ups in Zombies if you manage to kill him before he takes your gun, and the constant knowledge of everything being against you. It’s not just the unfairness that takes my heart. The level design is so incredibly diverse. You have 3 levels to the map, each one having its own unique atmosphere. People gripe and complain about the Nova Crawlers, but they fit so well in Five. They were designed for it, afterall. Then, finally, you have the most bad-ass, and awesome crew in all of Zombies. JFK has the BEST quotes in all of zombies, hands down. Overall, Five will probably be my Favorite map of all-time… I don’t think that anything could ever change that. Not only has Five taught me unfairness, but it has also taught me courage. In the Words of JFK, “Don’t pray for easy lives, pray to be stronger men”.


Now that’s a tough one, man. It will really take me some math to figure out what exactly my favorite map is, and it would most likely range in the WaW and BO1 area. But I will say what I’ve been playing the shit out of lately, which is Call of the Dead. That map gets so much shit and hate. I think it’s criminally underrated. The location is a badass setting, the broken ship stranded in Siberia, awesome cast of characters with their real voice actors, no gobble gums, gritty as hell, and a great time with the boys. People like to complain about the fog. While I do think it’s annoying, I can see through it just well. It’s the map I learned how to train which was in front of the light house. I think the most annoying bandwagon people hop on is hatred for George Romero. Which all I can say to those people is get good. I don’t know why so many have to whine like pussy’s over him. He rewards you with perks. So it’s a map that you can get all 8 on, and if you’ve done the Easter Egg, he will also reward a Wunderwaffe DG-2. And about that Easter Egg, the dialog between the original four is fucking hilarious. And above all, it’s literally George Andrew Romero. Without him, odds are 9/10 we wouldn’t even have the zombies mode.

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Call of the dead is my favorite map. Perfect length easter egg with nice rewards and a very unique way of achieving high rounds. Taking place in Siberia gives the map a great atmosphere with it’s ambient music and it’s dynamic weather system. The freezing water is a cool feature to make the map open but not easy. The cast of playable characters is top notch. George Romero keeps you on your feet and keeps the gameplay interesting. The map is huge, however it flows very well with it’s zip lines and flingers, so you never find yourself traveling for too long. The moving pack-a-punch is another feature I think is unique and speeds up the gameplay. The VR-11 is one of the most unique weapons in zombies and forces cooperative games to be played in a different way. The Scavenger is a very fun gun to wipe hordes in mid rounds, but unfortunately the damage isn’t amazing. However difficult map can be more enjoyable then a walk in the park. Depending on your play style. Call of the Dead incorporated so many unique features to the game as well as bringing the story of zombies to the next level. This map will forever be my favorite map. Spending countless hours doing high rounds and easter egg speed runs goes to show this map is timeless for me.


origins and die rise. origins because it introduced 4 wonder weapons and i have good memories of meeting people, helping each other build and upgrade the staffs and becoming friends with them. Die rise because I had fun on it in so many ways, trolling people with the trample steam and the sliquifier, hearing people yell well they accidentally fell or got squished by the elevator, and even when that shit happened to me! Nowadays i mainly play nacht or shi no numa (bo3 versions) but origins and die rise have a special place on my list of favorite maps