Worth playing WaW on steam or only Xbox 360 to get high rounds?

Hi everyone,

I am new new to going for high rounds/records in zombies. I am looking at going back and playing WaW and seeing how high i can get. I was just wondering if there is any benfit to playing on the 360 vs PC(steam). Didn’t know if there was bugs with the 360 version or if they cross over to steam as well.

Thanks in advance

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Never played World of Warcraft, but World at War does in fact last longer on the Xbox 360. I forget why exactly, something hardware related.

what do you mean by last longer?

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Your game will last longer before crashing. If we’re talking several thousand rounds.

but is is the same sort of bugs on both? Like low waves on maps and low health on zombies for some rounds etc?

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I am not positive. That would be a question for a high round competitor.

I am pretty sure the health is the same as console players. I don’t play PC WaW but I’ve played PC Black Ops 3 and I didn’t notice any difference in the health situation compared to Xbox One

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