What BO3 Custom Zombies Needs

It’s amazing how far Custom Zombies has come. Custom map makers today rival Treyarch’s own team. There are so many well designed Custom BO3 maps it’s hard to choose a favorite.

As the Custom Zombies community continues to evolve maps are getting more and more sophisticated. One of the best developments in recent years has been the integration of fully fletched out Easter Eggs. Some of the best Easter Eggs can actually be found in custom maps.

Now it’s time for the Custom Zombies community to team up with the competitive WR community. The only thing custom zombies is missing is gameplay oriented design. We need more dynamic first rooms with solid wall weapons, the happy middle between tight corridors and a small training spaces, similar to the Verruckt starting rooms.

The spawn zone system is also incredibly important for high round strategies. The best spawn zone system can be found on BO1 DLC maps like COTD and Moon, where you can stop zombies from re-spawning (if you run far from them) by damaging the whole hoard. On these maps Zombies also spawn from the spawn zone the player is on and the two closest zones. This is super useful for running optimized strats.

Besides the First Room and the Spawn System, something that is really important when designing a custom zombies map for world records is the Pack-a-Punch upgrade system. One of the biggest issues with BO3 are the Alternative Ammo Types. Deadwire, Turned, Blast Furnace, and Fireworks make the high round strategies almost identical on every map and overshadow the wonder weapons and traps. As such it would be awesome if AAT’s were removed from future and current maps if possible. It would put the focus back on finding creative strategies, using the traps on the map and recycling the wonder weapon found in the box.

There are many other ways of increasing the playability and competitiveness of custom maps for First Rooms, High Rounds, No Power, and Speedruns but for now I think bringing up these suggestions for the First Room, Spawn System, the PaP upgrades are a good start. We would love it if Custom Map makers started beta testing their maps with the help of WR players. It would lead to maps that are not only beautifully designed but also have great gameplay for all sorts of competitive players and leaderboards.

Mad respect and love to the Custom Zombies scene.


I agree with your message here, however the wishes you, I, the entire custom community wants: has a low probability of coming true simply due to WR Players not usually wanting to get involved in such things. If we can get WR players to give their input to the customs community or to the mappers then I believe Custom maps will for sure be better for future releases

Hey, great post. I definitely agree with what you’re saying. If only maps like Leviathan could come out more often, right? As Magiical stated, it would be difficult for the WR community to really pay attention to Custom Zombies, as they don’t really have a reason to. (i.e. lack of solid content, no official placement on leaderboards). It is a shame that the few great maps will struggle to have a chance to shine within the community. Hopefully this one day changes.

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