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Welcome to the official ZWR community forum

Zombies World Records is the official leaderboards site for Call of Duty Zombies :1st_place_medal: Home of the high round & speedrunning community.

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Within this post we will outline stuff such as what this forum was created for, what you can expect to find and do here:

  • Discussions
  • Questions
  • Support and feedback
  • Specific rule discussions

You are able to make and create topics that you feel should be discussed in many of the provided categories. However, when creating them, ensure that they’re marked in the correct category so that people are able to find it and join in the conversation with you.

News, announcements and changes we wish to share with you will be in the News category where users are able to reply and give us feedback on any changes that we plan to make or do.

If any problems or issues occur, please do not hesitate to message an admin or moderator.

We hope you enjoy using our forum!

β€” The ZWR Team