We need a content revolution in the WR community

Recently there was a huge controversy on twitter between players and a YouTuber by the name of JohnyJ25 over some comments he made in a podcast.

Without re-hatching too much drama I’ll summarize what the discussion was about and provide some solutions. JohnyJ25 said the Kino 236 WR wasn’t that impressive because the player stands by the fire trap for 30 seconds.

This obviously triggered a lot of players who called him out on his ignorance for making such statements without even understanding the whole strategy. This incident perfectly illustrates why it’s important that players start making their own videos instead of relying on outsider YouTubers to create the content.

Even though I believe JohnyJ25 is not a bad guy it’s unfair that outsiders that know very little about the the community and who have not dedicated themselves to competing for WR’s or even doing the proper research to understand a strategy, are the ones informing hundreds of thousands of viewers and profiting off the WR players who are more deserving and credible.

The main reason the competitive records scene has never been taken seriously or shown the respect it deserves is because it is the part of the community that creates the least content. An overwhelming portion of players only stream and don’t even try to make commentary videos explaining strategies and world records. In fact the competitive players are so shy many of them don’t even stream with their mics on.

It’s time that zombie records players let themselves be known to the overall community. While making montages with exciting clips, transitions, and effects is cool we need knowledgeable players to start making in-depth commentary videos that spread accurate information. If the WR players don’t start taking themselves seriously and creating content outsiders will continue spreading misinformation in their videos and profiting off our community that we spend 8 years building.

We need to take a stand and make our community visible to the public. Enough arguing with one another and trivial drama. If we don’t start taking our community seriously and creating content we’ll continue to be overlooked by the rest of the community and only used for clickbait.

Love and respect to players and YouTubers alike. Best wishes.

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Sometimes when you don’t like a map or don’t know how to play it you’ll talk negative about it. Don’t put too much energy into it xD.

Only thing I’m against at the moment is TAS (tool assistance) with the rapid fire raygun glitches going around.

That wasn’t the point of the post.

I 100% agree with your post here, either the community needs to come together and make quality content that everyone can enjoy, understand and unite with, or we need to educate those who are able and willing to make great content.

I like JohnyJ25, because I think his videos about high round WRs are very informative, but I agree on having these World Record holders themselves doing videos discussing their runs. I would love to hear that shit.

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