So why current ruleset on Origins sucks and why it's being changed

The topic of Origins First Room was never really touched before. And it’s a problem because Origins has one feature in particular that is causing this room to be great and annoying at the same time. And it’s a challenge box. So far very few Origins players just accepted the fact, that any DC on coop equals insta restart and the sleeper is a no go, because retaking gun or double tap is bad. But it’s actually not. Tek and I spent last few weeks playing Origins, trying to improve the strategy for better time results and more safety. And during that time, it became clear, that this rule doesn’t make this room better or more competitive, it causes it to be more annoying, period. That’s why this rule is being updated now. But the problem is more complex than one sentence that I can put in 1/2 lines on the rules page, that’s why this post is being made in the first place. Let’s get to the point then.

Double Tap

  • If you DC or take a sleeper before you take your Double Tap from the box, you can take it after you rejoin the game
  • If you took double tap once, you cannot take it again after you rejoin the game.

Upgraded weapon

  • You can take your upgraded weapon back one full round after rejoining (to prevent abusing this mechanic for taking ammo)
  • Abusing this will result in it this game being not valid, e.g disconnecting on purpose (every case will be reviewed separately, it’s not black and white)
  • Sleepers can be done after round 40 (because the difference between guns are becoming less noticeable, so getting better guns after the sleeper is not making that big of a difference anymore)
  • Taking a sleeper every 4 hours will be obviously considered abusing the mechanic, if you play coop you need to be prepared to dedicate all day to it.
  • After reconnecting, the player should always replace his pistol with the upgraded weapon.

If you read those rules again, you’ll realize that they are no more OP, than bleeding out every round for ammo on maps like Town or Nuketown. They are in place to make pushing rounds on Origins less unpleasant. Hopefully, I don’t have to mention, that the full gameplay is required to verify meeting those requirements, try to play without DCing or sleepers if you can.
But it’s also a fact that I’m no BO3 player, nor other players whom I was discussing it with for the purpose of BO2, that’s why I’d love to hear some feedback regarding BO3 version from BO3 FR players if this ruleset is ok or should it be tweaked.
Feedback is always appreciated, thanks for reading this bible and have a nice day!