Players Leaving/Lagging Out

If my teammate leaves or lags out and we continue on with the record, it being a speedrun, high round, or any other record… will I be able to send this record and it being approved?

EE Speedrun 4P, teammate lags out on last step, we complete the Easter Egg with 3P. Will it still count and if so, would it count as 3P or 4P?

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I’ve wondered that myself, but I’m not sure what the ZWR rules have to say about that. Perhapse @iiTsMagiical could answer your question.

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Hello, I apologise for the late reply:

So if a player lagged out or disconnected they would need to rejoin within the same round (spawn in next round), if you complete the easter egg with 3p then it wouldn’t count at all, due to the fact it started with 4p