New Challenge: No Sprint, Jump or Slide High Round

So I was watching a Streamer by the name of samuel_the_17th who has reached round 300+ and had reached round 100 consistently doing stupid challenges like doing pistols only, M79, snipers only etc… Completing them first attempt.

Anyway he briefly asked for suggestions for challenges to see if he could do it and someone came out and said. No Sprint, Jump or Slide round 100.

Lol this challenge was something.

He was calmly completing this challenge like routine until he encountered an issue. The super fast zombies are faster then your movement speed and damn this changed everything.

He fail on his first attempt but came back with an idea and damn he took that idea and made it into a reality. He had successfully got to round 101 and exfiled but the last 20-15 rounds got my blood pumping so much i was extremely happy for him completing this challenge.

This got me thinking. This needs to become a zombies world record challenge because i wondering could someone beat his record and go further along.

Here is the link to his attempt of this challenge:

His successful attempt starts at 02:14:25


Definitely going to try this out

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