Mod Menus for Restarts & Shadows Round Skip

Hello Players and record holders of the forum,

I never know how to start forum posts lol: anyway, within staff chats and discussions held between record holders, there have been discussions about allowing the use of mod menus on console solely for restarts within at the moment, BO2. The upside is that the people wanting this have said, the host will record (clearly showing they haven’t used it) and wills how the player’s menu at the end of the game (showing nobody else had the mod menu in the game) to show the game was legit, what do you think about this?

Mod Menu for Console Proof

My Second Point is shadows round skip, people have been wanting it for the map Shadows of Evil on BO3 for Easter Egg Speedruns, you essentially shoot the shadow man and can skip from round 1 to 15 (depending on if you keep shooting him or not)

Shadows Round Skip in Action

This is wanted for Easter Eggs to try and optimize the times of those games, however, the downside is that it kinda shits on and puts haste to all the players who have grinded for months and months to get good times without this, what do you think?

– Sorry for not posting too much, but I’m starting now: better late then never right? XD
Your feedback, opinions & experience is invaluable, thank you all for the support :slight_smile:
– iiTsMagiical