🔥 May 22nd Update & Content Deploy

No Blitz added to WWII (With Cons / No Cons)

This is essentially a no perks equivalent for WW2 with the sub-categories with and no consumables for players to compete for.

:arrow_right: WWII No Blitz - Leaderboards

IW Boss Battles added as Community Challenges

Boss battles mode within IW has been added as community challenges so that people can compete and have fun. Like on all other community leaderboards: the records don’t count towards profiles which were decided throughout discussions with players and staff.

:arrow_right: IW Boss Battles - Community Leaderboards

Octagonal Maps added as Custom Maps Category

Octagonal Maps section added within custom maps - these maps haven’t quite been added yet and are on the coming soon docket but we’ll work to ensure these maps are playable soon for you.

:arrow_right: Octagonal Maps for Waw & BO3

Added 2 missing MW Survival Maps

Shoothouse and Atlas Superstore were both added to MW Survival - we apologize for being slightly late on adding these maps, us readding the MW mode made us be unorganized in that manner.

:arrow_right: MW - High Rounds Survival Leaderboards

100 Speedrun added to MW3 Survival

100 speedruns were added to all MW3 Survival maps for players to compete for this iconic speedrun round.

:arrow_right: MW3 - 100 Speedrun (Survival) Leaderboards

We thank you for your suggestions.
Looking forward to the next Friday Update!

— The ZWR Team