🔥 June 5th Updates & Content Deploy


SAW Custom Maps Speedrun (WaW & BO3)

The classic and fan-favorite SAW Custom Maps from WaW & BO3 have made their debut with their very own Speedrun Category!

:arrow_right: SAW Custom Maps Speedrun for WaW & BO3

Round 100 Custom Zombies Speedrun

The same concept as the Round 30 + 50 Speedruns. See how quickly you can get to Round 100!

:arrow_right: Custom Maps Round 100 SR Leaderboards

New Community Leaderboards: Remix!

A new, and interesting, way to play zombies! Zombies start running at round 1, the weapon limit is increased from 2 to 3, Mulekick no longer exists, your starting points are changed from 500 to 555, player quotes are removed, “Reset” now happens at EXACTLY 12 hours, and MUCH MORE!

:arrow_right: New Community Leaderboards: Remix

BO3 Moon: Space Dog Community Challenge

A fun (and adorable) side Easter Egg on the map, Moon. Do everything you can (as quickly as possible) to fight hordes of the undead alongside man’s best friend! “Houston, We’ve Got a Goodboy.”

:arrow_right: BO3 Moon: Space Dog Community Challenge

Octogonal Maps

A simple, yet addicting challenge for you and your friends. Will you be able to ascend the Octagon?

:arrow_right: Completed Octagonal Maps

MW2 / MW3 Spec Ops Super Runs!

See just how quickly you can get all Spec Ops completed in a row on regular difficulty. Best of luck, and watch out for those Juggernauts!

:arrow_right: MW2 / MW3 Spec Ops Super Run

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