(BOCW High Rounds) Can you still request a run that hasn't had the first 25 rounds recorded?

To start off I have had a 281 Round Exfil that has been streamed on Twitch but I’m worried to request it because I have not recorded or streamed the first 25 rounds because I never record or stream myself getting Ray Gun. I know that the rules specify “No exceptions for early and late game footage.” but I’m seeing all these top 10 runs that don’t have the start or middle of their runs recorded / streamed. Any help is appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

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All footage is required.

Is there a reason why the higher round runs don’t have early game footage though?

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They have several copies of their runs, one of them including full game footage, but the ones they submit for public viewing is typically a montage just for the entertainment purpose. But there does exists a full video.