BO5 Zombies Wishlist

Dear Santa/ Treyarch,

We have been very nice and as such would like to ask you to please give us a great Zombies experience for BO5. Although the last couple years have been nice for Easter Egg players when it comes to gameplay and game design High Rounds and other WR’s haven’t been what they used to be in BO1 and BO2.

Don’t get us wrong we love BO3. With the exception of Zetsubou and Revelations all the other maps were awesome. Especially the BO1 remasters. The three things that ruined BO3 for high rounds were the overpowered Pack-A-Punch Alternative Ammo Types, the Spawn System, and the Round 255 cap.

Please remove the Alternative Ammo Types. We should be able to pack-a-punch multiple times but weapons shouldn’t become more powerful than wonder weapons and kill indefinitely. Upgrading should make weapons a bit stronger and provide more ammo and maybe cool changes like fire rate type (burst fire, full auto, semi auto) and different attachments. This is important so that wonder weapons and traps can be great again. They shouldn’t be overshadowed by wall weapons with AAT’s. Otherwise the high round is the same on every map; deadwire + turned with shield table nearby. Zombies in other spawn zones shouldn’t vanish when a player runs to a new spawn zone without looking back at the zombies. Please make the spawn system similar to BO1 and BO2.

BO4 had beautiful maps, especially Ancient Evil and Dead of the Night. A lot of bold changes were experimented with like a new perk system. AAT’s were toned down which is good. And it had less overpowered Elixirs which is also good. The easter eggs were also really fun and made for great speedruns.

Where BO4 failed was in the round 34 health cap, the Bazooka being even more powerful than the wonder weapons, a lot of overpowered perks like Dying Wish, Victorious Tortoise, Electric Burst, and Stone Cold Stronghold, and the round number HUD display resetting to 0, 1, 2, 3… past round 255. It would have been a very easy fix to make the round number HUD display 256, 257, 258 but like always Treyarch overlooked the WR players and focused all their resources on Easter Eggs and making YouTubers happy.

Please Treyarch let’s make Zombies great again. Let’s go back to the basics. Let’s keep the stuff that works that players love, and scrap the rest.

Let’s go back to the original perk system, let’s have great wonder weapons like the Origins Staffs, the Tgun, the Wavegun, the Babygun, the Waffe, the RayGun Mk 2, let’s not have Alternative Ammo Types that kill zombies on every round, let’s not have pay-to-win mega gums and elixirs, let’s get rid of the round cap and allow players to go beyond round 255, let’s fix all the blue screen errors and other crashes so that high rounds can be pushed to the limit, please no more unlimited number of downs and revives on Solo, please allow offline local mode for zombies on console and PC. You can keep making beautiful maps with great easter eggs but please also make the experience great for the high round WR players. We are the most passionate part of the community. While casual players move on to other games we still continue to play the old Treyarch games like BO1.

Allow us to communicate with you guys. We can make videos showing you what gameplay and design parts of the older games work the best and which should be scrapped.

P.S. To forum users and players, if I forgot anything please leave your suggestions below as replies. I am sure you guys have lots of great ideas on how to make BO5 great for high rounds. Maybe, just maybe people from Treyarch will read this and we can help save the future of zombies WR’s.

Sincerely, The ZombSlayer.


Please stop in future the camping high rounds , i mean the system is for kids no for world rekord players,
Zombyslayer you have good iddes for bo5 ,i hope trayarch give us a big present when bo5 coming so fast as can please with zombi chronikels and pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase don,t forget hard gauntlet,s ._…_and don,t forget the shild upgrad for everyzombi map i like the turtle perk , please hold the elex systen how in bo4 not bo3

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I miss training. In BO4, I camp, but mainly because it’s the easiest strategy. Why would I make my life harder for the purpose of showcasing skill? BOTD, IX, and Classified are the only maps that rely more on training, especially Blood. There are camping spots in the other two, meaning Blood high rounds take more skill. You do train in Ancient Evil as well, but again, you can easily camp. I go with the fastest strategy, which is what camping is, especially in BO4. That’s why my favorite map to high round is Gorod Krovi (out of the BO3 maps) and I have the most hours in Gorod, because it’s the only BO3 map with no overpowered wonder weapon.

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Bring :clap: Back :clap: The :clap: BO3 :clap: Perk :clap: System :clap:

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