BO3 frame lag from rest mode

If youre connected to the internet and put your ps4 in rest mode in bo3 youll get frame lag when you turn it back on. The only way that im aware of is disconnecting the internet before you go into the game. I was watching ncgthebest stream from the ps4 on a high round game though so obviously he was connected to internet. How can you stream from the ps4 and put it into rest mode without coming back to frame lag?

I’ve heard that people disconnect internet while starting the application, and after they get ready to start the game, then they reconnect it to console stream.

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Everybody says if you connect the internet at any time even after disconnecting it then it will lag. The only thing that i can think of is that the patches are removed because apparently theyre what cause the lag. The problem with that is you cant play dlc without the patches that i know of.

The alternative is to open up a different app like the Headset app or a different one. This suspends your game until you open it again. It’s not the same as rest mode when it comes to power consumption but it helps a lot when going for a high round. Test it. It should work unless a recent update changed things.

Ya im aware of that one even though i didnt mention it. My ps4 is kind of loud though. Just was wondering if there was a way to use rest mode but i guess not.